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Frustration-Free Fun, Outdoors or at Home

If you’re trying to limit your family’s contact with germs and bacteria in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably ran out of safe ways to keep the magic alive at home a long time ago. Having fun as a family can be a much needed distraction from the stress and uncertainty of the world around us. But if you’ve already uncovered every nook and cranny of your local park, or lost the love for game night in your living room, you’re in luck! We’re excited to bring you 3 new ways to have fun at home or outdoors while staying safe and taking precautions that protect your family. 

  •  Scavenger Hunt Hangouts

While your local park may have lost its luster, there are still so many new ways you can get your kids excited to spend some time outside and explore. Create a scavenger hunt with clues and prompts to spark their sense of adventure. It doesn’t have to be overly complex – simply make a checklist of items you know they can find like a pinecone, a green picnic table, or a lost tennis ball. Have them take pictures of their findings to add to the fun and encourage their creativity Check out this Very Well Family article for more inspiration to help you craft an exciting activity that your family will love. 

  • Making Messes Makes Memories 

We know that as a parent, cleanup duty can take away from the fun of activities like finger painting, bubble blowing, arts & crafts, etc. But what if cleanup was made easy? Or at least, easier. Lay down a tarp (or better yet, a trusty Lessy Messy mat ), mentally prepare, and indulge your kids by allowing them to make a mess through their favorite activities. Jump in and get involved in the fun without worrying about your carpet or cleanup. Wipe down your tarp or throw your Lessy Messy mat right in the washer to make tidying up a breeze. 

  • Surprise Picnic Party

We know it’s no small feat to keep kids interested and attentive during a meal. But what about a meal with a twist (or two)? This adventure requires a little bit of preparation, but trust us when we say it’ll be worth it. Make a list of your families’ favorite snacks and treats, and be sure to stock up on your next grocery run. Collect your kids’ favorite toys or stuffed animals, grab your mess-proof picnic mat , and tell your little ones that they’re in for a surprise. Let them run wild and free at your local park or playground while you set out the perfect picnic essentials. When they return to discover that you’ve created a picnic party like no other, complete with their favorite snacks, toys, and games, you’ll feel like parent of the year, and they’ll feel like it’s their birthday. 



We want to hear from you! Did you find success with any of these activities? What else have you discovered to keep your family entertained? Send us an email, tag us on social media, or use #mylessymessy to tell us about your adventures!

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