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Drama-Free Diaper Changes

Depending on your baby’s age and size, you might change their diaper up to twelve times every single day. This means you and your baby have at least 12 opportunities to be exposed to each other’s germs. The contents of your little one’s diaper harbor bacteria, which has the potential to get your family, including your baby, sick. It’s so important to keep your baby’s changing spaces sanitized and mess-free to cut down on the risk of spreading these germs and infecting others. 

In a year like no other, parents have faced increasing concerns about their baby’s safety and wellbeing. Keeping your family healthy in the midst of a pandemic is no small feat, and there’s never been a more important time to minimize opportunities for exposure to viruses and germs. We’ve compiled 5 best practices for pulling off a drama-free diaper change, limiting your baby’s exposure, and having some fun along the way. 

  • Consistency is Key

Professionals recommend that you choose a designated and consistent space for diaper changes. If diaper changes happen throughout multiple places in your home, you risk bringing germs from one location to the others. Cut down on this potential spread by sticking to a changing table, the same space on the floor, or if possible, near a bathroom sink for easy clean up. This consistency will not only cut down on germs, but it’ll help your baby develop their own routine as well. Avoid changing your little one’s diaper near the kitchen, since this is where you prepare food, wash dishes, and likely eat. 

  • Distract, Distract, Distract

It can be a challenge to get through a diaper change without your little one wiggling or waving their hands. This can result in a less than sanitary diaper change if it causes you to rush and increases the chances that your baby’s hands wander into the dirty diaper zone. To cut down on these risks, keep distracting toys handy to occupy your baby throughout the duration of their diaper change. 

  • Never Fail; Diaper Pail 

While many forgo the diaper pail on their registry and opt to throw diapers in the garbage instead, this is one of the most common ways we run the risk of spreading germs. When dirty diapers sit next to the changing table until your baby is wrapped in a fresh new diaper, the chances of your baby’s hands reaching the dirty diaper increase, along with the likelihood that germs are spread across the house when you go to dispose of the diaper in a household garbage can. 

  • Wash, Dry, Repeat 

Whether you use a diaper changing mat, a diaper pad cover, or a combination of the two, it’s crucial that you take the time to sanitize these on a regular basis. This can sound like a huge chore, and the last thing you need is another addition to your neverending list of things to do. But sanitizing your diaper changing space doesn’t have to be as complicated as spraying, wiping, spraying again, and drying. Invest in your diaper changing experience by opting for a diaper mat or pad cover that was built to withstand the high temps and heavy wash cycles of your washer and dryer. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your diaper pad is clean and safe for your baby, and your home will have an extra absorbent layer of protection against their messes. 

  • Nursery Night Light 

When duty calls during your baby’s sleep time and a diaper change can’t wait, turning on bright overhead lights can be jarring to your little one’s eyes, causing their sleep cycle to be significantly disrupted and eliminating any chance of them returning to a restful state. Find a night light or small lamp that can be used during the night to minimize the brightness in your baby’s eyes to still provide you with enough visibility to get the job done. Your baby, and your sleep schedules, will thank you for it. 



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