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Staying on Schedule as a Busy Family

Earlier this month, we shared an article all about how to save time as a family. We know how busy things can get, especially during back-to-school season, and making time for relaxation, family dinners, or essential outings can be difficult with so many schedules to consider. One of the best ways to free up time in your day and make space to get everything done (with time to spare, of course) is to be diligent and transparent about your family schedule. When everybody is on the same page and knows who has to be where (and when), it can be easier to keep things running smoothly.

But efficient, effective scheduling is no small feat. Whether you’re a family of three or a family of ten, there are ways you can make scheduling work for you and your crew. 

Cloud Calendars 

Many families rely on shared calendars (like GCal) to keep everything accessible no matter where you are. Parents can check in on calendar events while at work or away from home, which makes communication about day-to-day activities a breeze. It should be said that it’s more than okay to have your calendar in multiple locations, which brings us to our next tip.

Family Wall Calendar

Dedicating a clear, visible space in your home to a family calendar doesn’t have to look dull. Instead of a standard whiteboard, opt for a tasteful decal or high end wall planner (like these ones) to keep things looking clean and appealing. 

Color Coding

No matter their age, young ones tend to find color coding systems valuable. Assign each child a color (or let them choose their own) and use that to help identify their events and notable milestones on your family calendar. This can make it easy for children to look at the schedule each morning and know what to expect from their day. It can also make it easier for you to keep track of everyone’s schedule each day.  

Digital Display

Have any spare devices laying around? Tablets or small monitors can make great digital calendars when used correctly, making it even easier for your family to access shared calendars. Keep one in the kitchen, near the bedrooms, or by the garage door to help make it simple for you to check in on daily, weekly, and monthly calendar items. 

Blocking Time for Family Fun

Lastly, the whole point of staying on schedule is to make sure that nobody is overwhelmed with busy weeks or too many errands. Pencil in time on the calendar each week to connect with each other (or recharge by yourselves). Adding these things to the calendar shows your little ones just how important it is to take time to rest and relax, and will help you prioritize it as well. Next time you’re thinking about skipping out on “me time” or “family time,” remind yourself that it’s what keeps us happy and healthy.

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