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Diaper Changing Mats

Lessy Messy is the perfect diaper changing mat for your little angels. It’s not only soft, leak-proof, and durable, but also protects your little angels from various viruses, bacteria, and germs. What’s more, unlike most brands available in the market, it’s washable and is reusable for over 300 times. While it offers great value for money, what sets it truly apart is its quality and features.

Absorbent – Leaks from accidents get absorbed without spreading and making a mess (For best absorbency results, wash it before first use).
Leak-Proof – The impervious layer doesn’t let liquid seep through keeping the changing surface nice and dry.
Washer/Dryer Safe –  Made with advanced technology in textiles, this multi-layered product is engineered to handle high temperatures in the washer and dryer.
Hygienic – The ability to wash and dry every time you use it almost nullifies the chances of your baby getting exposed to germs.
Size – The generous 75 cm X 50 cm size is designed for larger babies and to protect your baby from unclean surfaces in public places.

Say NO to Germs

Tips from WebMD on ‘How Mom Can Stop Germs’


Have a big changing pad. You never know where you’ll wind up having to do a diaper change or how disgusting the surface will be. So always bring a changing pad that’s big – big enough that your baby can fit on without having to touch the surrounding area. The LessyMessy mat is a generous size of 75 cm X 50 cm.

Wash the diaper changing pad regularly. Changing pads can get dirty quickly. Get in the habit of washing yours routinely and change it immediately if it’s stained. Most diaper mats can’t withstand washing machines, but LessyMessy mats are for all washing machines–washable and reusable for over 300 times. Say NO to Germs with Lessy Messy.

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Diaper Changing Mat Covers

Lessy Messy is a practical and unique changing pad cover without the fuss of extra liners or cleaning a dirty pad.

Unique: Unlike most pad covers that are made of cloth, Lessy Messy is made with multi-layered construction using advanced technology in textiles. It is the ONLY pad cover that is absorbent, leak-proof and safe for the washer/dryer to protect the baby from germs.
Absorbent: Absorbs any liquid spills or accidents without letting them puddle. For best absorbency and hygiene, it is recommended to wash product before first use
Leak-Proof: Two layers of soaker and barrier prevent any liquids from seeping through keeping the changing mat/pad clean always.
Washer/Dryer Safe: Made with advanced technology in textiles, this multi-layered product is engineered to handle high temperatures in the washer and dryer.
Soft and Safe for Baby: The soft, lint-free fabric surface is comfortable for the baby and does not irritate the skin unlike most products that are made with vinyl.
Size: The 16 IN X 32 IN X 4 IN size is designed for most standard diaper changing mats/pads and the elastic is snug around the mat/pad with the leak-proof section covering the entire surface.

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