3 Reasons to Take Maternity Photos

Whether you’re preparing to welcome your first little one into the world, or ready for round three, four, or more...there’s something so special about the changes you’re facing as you approach the birth of your newest little one. As a family brand, Lessy Messy loves to support moms and parents throughout all of life’s transitions and obstacles. We have a special soft spot for expectant mothers, and strive to support them as they venture into a world full of sweet baby smiles, diaper changes, challenges, and a few restless nights.

While there are plenty of things to look forward to after you eventually give birth, we’re touched and inspired to see so many expecting moms in our community sharing their maternity photos. We asked, and you answered, so we’ve compiled a list of three reasons we think it’s important to take maternity photos before your little one arrives.

We want to note that maternity photos don’t have to be expensive or taken by a professional photographer. Phone capabilities have come a long way, and by taking the time to put on an outfit that makes you feel beautiful, pose in a way that highlights your incredible belly, and have a loved one or partner snap a few photos, you’ll be capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

1. You’ll be documenting your pregnancy for your little one to look back on. As your child grows, they’ll be fascinated to learn more about how mom’s body changed to support a healthy baby. And someday, when your little one is all grown up, they’ll cherish those photos and be reminded of just how strong mom has always been and will always be.

2. You’ll have great photos to share with loved ones. Whether you post them to Facebook, use them on your next holiday card, or hang them on the fridge for visitors to see...your loved ones will be thrilled at the opportunity to see you glow in your maternity photos. They’ll also be excited to feel like they got to witness you at this stage in your pregnancy.

3. You’ll harness more self confidence and strength. This is one of our favorite reasons to take maternity photos, as they’ll remind you of the strength you hold approaching your birth. Maternity photos are a great way to help you embrace the parts of yourself that might otherwise feel uncomfortable as your body changes to support your little one. Feeling confident and capable ahead of labor will do wonders for your experience.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting all dolled up for a few photos, take this as your sign to go for it. Again, you don’t have to hire a professional if it isn’t in your budget or you simply don’t want to, as your phone is probably capable of more than you think. If you have taken maternity photos - or decide to - and choose to share them on social media, we would love to see them and hype you up, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!

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