Advice I Wish I Had Been Given: New Mom Edition

To say that entering motherhood for the first time feels overwhelming is a bit of an understatement. The truth is, becoming a new parent is one of the most life changing milestones you can encounter. And while it’s overwhelmingly joyous, exciting, and magical, it can also feel like a scary step to take. Many soon-to-be moms and dads find themselves overwhelmed with anxiety or stress about welcoming their new baby.

Whether you’re inundated with conflicting advice from others, overwhelmed by parenting blogs or books about becoming a parent, or feeling in the dark about what you can expect after bringing a baby home, it’s rare to find anyone who feels totally comfortable as their due date or delivery approaches.

Instead of staying up late stressing about what else you can do to prepare for your baby, losing sleep over whether or not you bought the right kind of diapers, or working yourself up about whether or not you’ll be a great parent, take a few minutes to remind yourself that there’s no “right” way to be a parent, but as long as your little one is loved, you’ll do just fine. Still eager for some advice? Of course you are! Take a peek at our roundup of advice we wish we’d been given before baby, brought to you by our community of Lessy Messy parents and customers.

  • Practice patience. With your newborn, of course, but also with yourself. Adjusting to life as a family is no small feat. And like we said, there’s no “right” way to be a parent. Trust your gut, follow your heart, and lead with love as you navigate your first hours, days, and weeks at home.

  • Ask for help. Trust us when we say that your loved ones want to help you if you feel you would benefit from some extra support. As they say, it takes a village, so don’t be shy about calling in for backup if you need advice, company, or a sitter. Family and friends would love to step in to help shower you in love.

  • It gets easier. If it’s your first time raising a baby, don’t forget that you’re experiencing a totally new lifestyle. This goes hand and hand with patience, but don’t forget to remind yourself that things will get easier. You will begin to learn and understand your baby - and yourself - as time goes on. Routines develop and habits form, creating a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family.

  • Find time for you and your partner. Alone time and time with your partner is so important to maintaining healthy communication and setting boundaries. While being a parent is often thought of as a full time job, it’s important to invest in yourself and your relationships too. When you and your relationship are your priority, your baby will thrive, too.

  • Stuff happens. Sometimes welcoming a new family member into your life can be messy. Diapers explode, parents get into spats, you can’t always soothe your crying little one. But that’s okay and all a natural part of this journey. Don’t be so hard on yourself for the bumps in the road, and instead, try to maintain perspective on the bright spots within your new life.

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