Growing A Family: Transitioning from One to Two Children

We recently heard about a trending debate across our social media communities - is it more challenging to transition from zero to one child, or one to two children? While the answer for each family might differ, the most popular answer is that moms feel it’s more difficult to transition from zero to one than one to two.

While having two children means two additional people’s needs to tend to, you’ll already be familiar with all of the scary parts from the first time around. Venturing into the world of parenthood for the first time is full of unknowns, and while you’ll likely struggle to get a great night of rest shortly after welcoming your second child into the world, at least you’ll know how to soothe their cries and develop routines that work for you.

That being said, all of this doesn’t mean that transitioning from one to two children is anything close to easy. If you’re anticipating the arrival of a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) bundle of joy coming soon, this blog post is just for you. We wanted to collect all of the best advice from our community about growing your family now that you are no longer new to parenthood.

  • You might be tired for a while. Kids don’t seem to value a full night’s rest the same way we do, and newborns often wake throughout the night to feed or are in need of diaper changes. With the addition of a second little one, you should prepare for less sleep, and you may even want to call in some backup (friends or family) to make it easier to get quality rest when needed.

  • It’s okay (crucial) to let things go. Just like the first time around, there will be things that you simply can’t address at home. Sometimes things get messy, sometimes you re-wear outfits, sometimes you have to say no to certain events. This is a normal part of any big transition, but don’t forget to remind yourself that it’s okay not to get it all done. Nobody expects you to. The sooner you can be content with this, the sooner you’ll find a bit of extra peace and calm.

  • Self care or bust. As they say, it takes a village. Call in help from your village if needed in order to make time for yourself. When mama is happy, everybody else can be happy, too. If you are unable to find time for some R&R, it’s more likely that you’ll feel burnt out, crabby, or anxious more often, and that is just not fun for anyone. Prioritizing your own well being is a crucial step towards finding your groove.

  • Every kid is different. So while yes, you’ve raised a newborn before, you haven’t necessarily raised your new newborn before. Just because something worked for baby #1 doesn’t mean it’ll work for baby #2. Be patient with yourself when your go-to tricks and hacks don’t always work, it just means your little one is unique and special in their own way, and as the two of you learn and grow together, you’ll find solutions to suit their needs.

When in doubt, be kind to yourself. Welcoming another baby into your family is a huge change for all involved, but not an impossible task! We wish you all the best as your family grows, and look forward to bringing you even more valuable parenting insights on the blog.

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