Parent-Friendly Fitness

The fact that you clicked on this blog post means you’re already on your way to becoming a healthier you. We admire and appreciate your initiative, and we’re excited to share our roundup of parent-friendly exercise and activities that will keep your body moving, grooving, and supporting you.

There’s only 24 hours in a day and when you’re responsible for tiny humans, “me time” is often one of the first things to get cut from the to-do list. But did you know that even short workouts go a long way in combating anxiety and depression, boosting your mood, and reducing your risk of high blood pressure and other illness? In fact, quick bursts of exercise throughout the day are proven to be just as effective as a longer workout of the same combined time.

Finding a workout routine that fits your schedule and aligns with your goals can take quite a bit of trial and error. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite parent-friendly fitness activities that you can squeeze in throughout your week to stay fit and work towards your goals.

  1. Walk it out

We’ll start by reminding you that walking counts as exercise. Walks are a great way to make strides towards a healthier you, but it’s easy to discount the impact that walking has on our bodies because it doesn’t always feel like “real” exercise. Friendly reminder that just because you don’t need fancy equipment or a sweat towel to go on a walk doesn’t mean it isn’t exercise!

Maybe you already get the kids or pets out of the house for a walk. Next week, try two walks a day, or head deeper into the neighborhood to lengthen your walk by another block or two. If you’re lucky enough to have a treadmill handy at home, try squeezing 5-10 minutes in before you shower, before a meal, or right after you’re done with work for the day. Adding just a few more steps to your day goes a long way when trying to cultivate a routine.

  1. Tabata-style circuit

This family favorite comes from ActiveKids. Their Anytime, Anywhere Workout for Busy Parents includes GIFs and demonstrations of movements that will give you a full-body workout in as much (or as little) time as you can spare. The beauty of this workout is that if you finish feeling good and still have a few extra minutes, you can repeat the fun routine until your time is up. Squeeze it in during nap time, on your lunch break, or at the park during your little ones’ soccer game.

  1. You & me yoga

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed yogi or have never even heard the term “downward dog,” yoga is an incredibly accessible way to begin strengthening your entire body while bringing more balance and mindfulness into your routine. As a parent, one of the biggest benefits of yoga is that you can practice it with your little ones when needed.

Cosmic Kids Yoga offers hundreds of engaging themed yoga classes for little ones, and if you’re a yoga-beginner, they’ll be perfect for you, too (plus, they’re free). You can also search for mommy & me yoga classes for routines to do together. If you’re hoping to yoga solo, we recommend checking out Julia’s classes on YouTube.

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