Practical Self care for Parents

Let’s be honest, you have to find time to invest in yourself before you can invest in others, and that includes your family. Kids and pets are happier when their parents are happy, too, and sometimes that means making sacrifices to prioritize your own mental and physical health, and investing in your own self care. If you tend to think of face masks and bubble baths when you hear the term “self care,” know that this isn’t what self care has to look like for you (but if face masks and bubble baths are your jam, that’s great too).

Self care comes in unlimited shapes and sizes, so finding what works for you can take time. In an effort to simplify your journey to self care selection, we’ve compiled a list of unique or parent-perfect self care activities to try. We’d also love to hear from you - what are your go-to self care activities, and what have you always wanted to try?

  • For the foodie: Select a few new recipes to incorporate into your weekly meal schedule or order dinner from a new local restaurant this week. Getting creative in the kitchen or trying a menu item that resonates with you is a great way to take pride in something new.

  • For the fitness-buff: Explore an exercise style that you haven’t tried before. Our favorites include Just Dance (or any dance workout), yoga, or the Anytime, Anywhere Workout for Busy Parents.

  • For the best dressed: Retail therapy can be a great source of self care, but a closet purge can serve as a double whammy. Not only will you be able to take pride in clearing out some closet space, you’ll feel accomplished after a job well done (and you’ll have more room for new stuff).

  • For the over-stressed: It can be so hard to clear your head if you’re bogged down by stress. Choose an activity like painting, crafting, or organizing to help you shift your focus towards a more creative outlet. Taking a break from stressful thoughts can lift your spirits.

  • For the movie-obsessed: If you’ve got a list of must-see movies, put some time on the calendar to check one off (solo or with the family). Commit to putting your phone down and being present for just a few hours to enjoy the movie.

  • For the busy bee: On-the-go families usually struggle to find time to do...nothing. But taking a break from the hustle and bustle is one of the best ways to recharge. Make a commitment with a partner or your family to unplug for an afternoon with no plans at all.

  • For the overworked: Treat yourself to an at-home spa night. Sure, you can opt for face masks and a bubble bath, or choose to prioritize all of the skincare tasks that you don’t do enough. Moisturize, groom, take an extra shower, whatever you need to feel fresh and pampered.

  • For the bookworm: Shake things up a bit - if you’re usually drawn to physical books, take an audiobook for a spin. If you’re an audiobook lover, find a paperback to page through.

  • For the plant lover: Dust off those leaves, check on their soil, and take pride in your beautiful plant babies! Taking extra care of your plant family will help you cultivate peace.

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