Spring Essentials Families Love

As they say, April showers bring May flowers, and we’re excited to see what the upcoming spring and summer months have in store. As you and your families prepare to spend more time outdoors, you’ve likely encountered a few muddy messes or rainy runs to the car, and since it’s our mission to help you and your family have more fun with less mess, we’ve compiled our list of must-haves for outdoor adventures with little ones. If your spring and summer essentials aren’t on this list, be sure to send us an email so we can learn more about your favorite products and include them in our next roundup!

Party Pack Picnic Basket

This durable, outdoor-friendly collection features everything you need to enjoy a meal with family under the sun, all packed into a chic wicker basket for easy travel, storage, and cleanup. This West Elm bundle includes place settings for four, but we love that it features a little extra space for snacks, ingredients, and extra utensils if needed. We can only imagine the memories made thanks to this handy picnic basket!

Mess-Proof All Purpose Mat

We’ve loved hearing how helpful our All Purpose Mat is for families, so we knew we had to include it in this roundup. What’s better than a compact mat that separates your kids’ clothes from the dirt or grass, and doubles as a fantastic picnic blanket? Better yet, once you’ve had your fun, our all purpose mats can be tossed directly into your washer and dryer for easy cleanup and super-fast sanitizing.

Adventure & Travel Crib Set

Guava really takes the stress out of adventuring with even the tiniest of travelers. Whether your family frequents the beach, park, zoo...this travel crib set makes it easy to set up a comfortable, quiet space for babies to nap, rest, relax, and recharge when on the go. Better yet, it collapses into one easy-to-carry backpack and includes a nap & fun shade, organic cotton fitted sheet, plush quilted sheet, and a mosquito & bug shield to protect baby from insects.

Double Decker Utility Wagon

If you’ve ever struggled to get from point A to point B without dropping a diaper bag, losing a shoe, or even misplacing a child (momentarily, of course)...we understand the struggle! This double decker utility wagon is perfect for any adventure. Whether you’re hauling the kids between the car and the park, across the sandy beach, or for a long stroll, this wagon has everything you need to keep it all together. Featuring a bottom layer that’s perfect for camping chairs, sports equipment, or cozy blankets, this wagon will exceed your expectations, especially when you fold it up for easy storage and travel.

Family Adventure & Camera Set

The Adventure Challenge has done it again, and this time, they’ve created an adventure book especially for families! This book features scratch off challenges to prompt fun new adventures and includes a camera to help you capture memories along the way. If you’re looking for an exciting new addition to your bookshelf and extra excuses to get out of the house and start exploring as a family, this book is for you!

Solo Stove Gear

We’ve loved hearing so much about Solo Stove and their incredible collection of adventure-friendly fire pits, grills, and outdoor stoves - plus, accessories! Whether you’re looking for a personal fire pit for your backyard or a camp stove for a night under the stars or marshmallows on the beach, they've got everything you need to look sleek while having fun. The kicker? They tout an impressive smokeless technology that keeps smoke at a minimum.

Outdoor Deet-Free Essentials

Walk, don’t run to take advantage of The Yellow Bird’s sale on their deet-free outdoor essentials bundle. Keep your family bug-free with their bug repellent spray and bug repellent stick. Avoid using harsh chemicals while keeping away bugs! Not only do these products work well, they smell good too - all without deet. Keep them in your car or diaper bag so they’re with you wherever you go.

Carson AdventurePak

This collection of adventure essentials is perfect for your littlest explorers. Complete with binoculars, a whistle, and everything else they need to learn the basics of adventuring, this REI kit makes a great kit or addition to your little one’s backpack. They’re bound to explore more when they have the tools to do so - this one is kid tested and kid approved!

Did your spring and summer essentials make the list? If not, send them our way so we can capture them on the next roundup. Our goal is to curate lists to make your prep a breeze for any adventure you might take on together as a family.

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