Spring Into Summer: Outdoor Adventure Ideas for Families

Goodbye winter blues, hello spring and summer sunshine! We know you and your little ones are probably itching to get back outside and explore (and for some of you, it’s long overdue), so we’re excited to bring you a blog post full of inspiration and tips to make the most of sunny skies and weekend weather as a family.

You can make the most of these ideas by checking out our recent blog post “Spring Essentials Families Love,” where you’ll find our roundup of must-have items for warm weather adventures. That being said, the key ingredient to having fun is a good attitude, so most of these recommendations don’t require any extra gear beyond what you probably already have at home.

1. Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Visit your local zoo with a few of these engaging printables in hand for an even more exciting experience! Your little ones will stay busy and alert as they search for clues or checkpoints. The prize? That’s up to you! Bring some of their favorite snacks from home or stop by the gift shop before leaving to celebrate a job well done. Activities like this will help teach your children about animals, zoo keepers, and habitats while having a blast.

2. Box Fort Bonanza

This one requires just a bit of pre-planning. Save a few boxes from deliveries or ask around to see if anybody has extra. Pick a day, choose a good base (we recommend our Lessy Messy outdoor mat), and build a spectacular box fort that your little ones can hide out in all day. They’ll enjoy the shade, and be thrilled when you offer them markers or paints to color their box fort to their heart’s content!

3. Family Field Day Fun

Start by checking out this list of 75 eco-friendly ideas for a backyard field day! Choose a few of your favorites, gather supplies, assign teams, and enjoy a long day in the sun with your little ones. They’ll get to compete with you and against each other for the title of winner, and maybe even get a little messy along the way. This activity is guaranteed to feature plenty of funny photo opportunities, so be sure to have your phone or camera handy.

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