Life made easy with Lessy Messy

So, what’s the big deal about the Lessy Messy? Why is it different from other products? Why can’t I just use a blanket or plastic sheet or even garbage bags to do some of this stuff?


Well, the answer is simple – it’s the only product out there that’s Absorbent, Leak Proof AND Washer/Dryer Safe. Typically, products that are absorbent and leak-proof have a vinyl or PVC backing that can’t be washed in the Washer/Dryer – the high temperature of the dryer melts the vinyl.


Please check out Our Products section of the Home page to get specific details of each product but here are the main reasons why all Lessy Messy products are different from the competition:

  • The Lessy Messy is made from Multilayered fabrics using advanced technology in textiles to give it the unique combination of being leak proof and safe for the washer and dryer

  • Protects your carpet, clothes, flooring, car seat, car trunk and much more

  • 100% Safe for Kids – Soft, Hypo-Allergenic, Lint Free 

  • Absorbent – Wash before first use for maximum absorbency

  • Leak-Proof – TWO layers of impervious material to keep fluids from seeping through 

  • Eco-Friendly – wash and reuse over 100 times for a fresh, clean feel every time 

  • ONE Product that does it all – in the home, in the park, on the beach, at an outdoor concert, on the mattress, in the car trunk, for the pet, for gardening… and anything else you can think of 

  • Washer/Dryer Safe

Marta L.

"Changing a baby when you're out and about can be such a hassle -- germs everywhere, yuck! I've always avoided changing my little one in public places because those changing tables in the restrooms are super hard and they don't provide any time of towel to cover up the plastic. I'm not a normally a germ-a-phobe, but public changing tables really gross me out.If I've ever changed my little one anywhere, it was in the back seat of my car, but most of the time, I'd just waited until I got home. When I received the Lessy Messy Diaper Changing Mat, that all changed.

Garden Gal

“As an avid gardener who buys LOTS of plants, the Lessy Messy Trunk Mat is the perfect solution to my very dirty trunk! I was so tired of vacuuming the escaped soil and plant debris from my trunk, and trying to scrub off the mud stains left from the mums that had just been watered before going into my trunk. Forget the plastic sheets they give you at the garden center-they never stay put and always seem to get scrunched up in the corner of the trunk. The Lessy Messy mat stays put, it's so easy to shake off the debris when necessary, and now that the gardening season is almost over, I can just throw the Mat in the washer and dryer to clean it! Both my car trunk and I are very happy with this product, and I think it will make a perfect gift!"

Anthony F.

“My previous car had so many spills and stains in the trunk that it took me forever to clean it before I sold the car. When I got my new car, I wanted to keep the trunk looking nice and clean – so, I put a sheet in but it kept shifting and was no help till a friend told me about the Lessy Messy. I love the way it absorbs liquids and takes the stains. I’ve washed it a few times already and has held up well – the best part is I keep checking my original trunk mat(that came with my new car) and love how it looks nice and new ! LOVE IT !!”

Featured on TV

The unique Lessy Messy Mat was recently featured as the “Must Have for Every Household” product for a Business Connection show on TV. Watch this informative clip that showcases the various applications of the product with a demo of its features.


The interviewer calls it “the best thing in the world” and of course, we agree and we’re confident you will too.

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